eye·dol·ize·me (v)

1.  Promoting self love, self confidence, and self worth with makeup art.

2. The act of applying makeup to enhance our natural and existing beauty, not simply to impress others, but to feel glamorous in our own skin and become more aware of our inherent beauty.

3. Finding your own unique look via makeup that makes you feel good physically mentally, and spiritually rather than adhering to a beauty standard.

It is my aim as an artist to ensure your EyedolizeMe experience will be built on communication, creativity, and positivity. My vision is your vision--through discussion and experimentation we will build the signature look that you desire. Whether you have a thousand ideas, a specific starting point, or no clue where to begin, you do not have to worry while you're sitting in my chair. All you have to do is bring your incredible self, and I will do the rest!


Every time I approach a new look, I aim to synthesize my client's inner and outer beauty while giving them some quality pampering time to celebrate being who they are! Above all else, I seek to inspire abundant self-confidence and love in every person who sits in my chair, regardless of their age, race, skin type, and gender.


There is beauty in all of us. Let's embrace it!