What's The Sitch?

“What’s The Sitch?”

EyedolizeMe- what’s it mean, where did it come from? Short version of the story would be: had a trade needed a name.

Eye -facial feature ft. most used makeup products- eyedolize like idolize to love greatly, or admire, ME as in literally me, Michelle Elaina. I needed a shout out, a confidence boost, and a round of applause to myself all in one, so I made it and it stuck. EyedolizeMe part 1 as I like to call it was good to me, adding a brand to the name mixing it with the craft was empowering, especially because I knew what was behind it.

I didn’t realize at the time, where I wanted to take my name or if I ever wanted to change it. I didn’t know I wanted to turn it into a brand and campaign but I guess like the makeup market it is constantly growing becoming more creative, reaching more, and more people I knew I wanted to do the same.

I knew the name was great, fell in love with it had it and used it religiously for 5 years but I wanted to use it for something beyond my brand. I wanted to use it for something even more meaningful then my own creative creation. I want others to use it giving themselves the confidence that it had given me. I decided to break it back down again and build it back up better than ever before.

So check this out:

  • Eye, windows of the soul, sees you for what you really are, also associated with protection from negativity and hate.

  • Combined with the root word idolize which we already know what that means.

  • Adding to Me. As in whoever is using it , YOU, From me to you – see what I did there?

If that was super cryptic check out the official definition of the full word:

# E Y E D O L I Z E M E

1. Promoting self-love, self-confidence, and self worth with makeup art.

2.The act of applying makeup to enhance our natural and existing beauty, not simply to impress others, but to feel glamorous in our own skin and become more aware of our inherent beauty.

3.Finding your own unique look via makeup that makes you feel good physically mentally, and spiritually rather than adhering to a beauty standard.

It is my aim as an artist to ensure your EyedolizeMe experience will be built on communication, creativity, and positivity. My vision is your vision--through discussion and experimentation we will build the signature look that you desire. Whether you have a thousand ideas, a specific starting point, or no clue where to begin, you do not have to worry while you're sitting in my chair. All you have to do is bring your incredible self, and I will do the rest!

Every time I approach a new look, I aim to synthesize my client's inner and outer beauty while giving them some quality pampering time to celebrate being who they are! Above all else, I seek to inspire abundant self-confidence and love in every person who sits in my chair, regardless of their age, race, skin type, gender, and/or ability.

There is beauty in all of us. Let's embrace it!

And there you have it. 11 letters packed with some deep ish.

I am so excited to fill this word with more meaning, and for more people to start using it for them. I know what EyedolizeMe has done for me, I have seen what it has done for my clients and I am so excited to see what it will do for you.

This is from me to you, whoever you are, put yourself on a pedestal today, you’re beautiful inside and out, baby.

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