The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat

You never know who’s going to sit in your chair, DO NOT EMBARRASS YOURSELF BY Being UNPREPARED. And no I don’t mean unprepared by the expertise of your craft, I am however insinuating what you have for one you must have for all.

Let’s just focus on foundation.

Ok…So. Let me set the scene again, you’re a freelance makeup artist that’s self taught so 99.9% of your makeup that you just hauled up your clients front steps was bought by you. That means, if you’re smart, you just spent good money on hopefully good product that you will never wear because it’s totally not your shade. Good for you.

There is nothing worse than the mini stroke you could have when you’re laying product out on your table and saying to yourself, “damn wish I had that” or my favorite, “uhh now what the hell am I going to do?”

When in doubt- spend the moola buy a palette. Better to have more shades than not enough. If you can afford go for it buy individuals and collect, you can buy the stick foundation and melt it down into your own palette, just make sure you have it. ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE IN THE BRIDAL MARKET. You may know what your bride looks like from trial but bridesmaids are in and out faster than high-waist culottes.

I should probably add that you also want to invest in a foundation for your kit that looks good on not only everyone but all ages. Sorry to burst your bubble girlfriend, but Studio Fix Fluid is lookin’ a little to heavy on Nanna.

Whats in my bag Foundation Edition you ask? I feel like I have tried so many different foundations some of which I still use in my kit such as the studio fix fluid, luminous silk foundation, Dior airflash , Chantacaille’s future skin, HD foundation, the list can really go on and on.

BUUUT these are my all time favorites:

The Bobbi Brown BBU Palette

Awesome foundation and concealers that look good on all ages and skin tones and types. I like this on me (24), my mother (56) and my grandmother (87). I have yet to find a client that this doesn’t look good on.

Charlotte Tilbury

Wonder glow foundation and Magic Foundation for a fuller coverage.

So. Luxurious. I mean its like she bottled up velvet to throw on our face. Most beautiful airbrushed finish.

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