OMG! Why Do You Have So Much Makeup?

July 16, 2016


OMG! Why Do You Have So Much Makeup?


Um. Well. That’s because I’m a makeup artist, asshole.



Just Kidding



No I’m Not


I keep my personal cosmetic case and brushes with me because my week consists of me doing my clients makeup and then having 10 minutes to slap something on my face so I can look somewhat put together while driving to an event where I must pull a Mia Thermopolous and change in the backseat. …ungracefully.


If you didn’t get that reference there is no possible way we can be friends.


Also, that’s the same reason I keep emergency nail polish in my purse because although I try and get a mani and pedi quite often, come fall and winter my feet only see the insides of leather boots. I sleep in them. Just kidding. Or am I?


Anyway if I decide to wear open toe pumps I’m known to just pull a do it yourselfer with some devils advocate and call it a day.


Moving on.


Sometimes I pack a clutch with me and do a quick switcheroni from my purse throwing whatever makeup I use in my clutch.  It’s usually just ends up being whatever I used on my lips and some pressed powder with a brush so I can use the excuse - “Excuse me while I go to the ladies room, I must powder my nose!”


So chic.


Right Now I’m using this really cute Chantacaille “freebee” cosmetic case. Inside it holds: 


Bobbi Brown Eye Cream 

Magic Cream 

Light Wonder Foundation (number 2)

CT concealer 

Brow Wiz in taupe  

Chantacaille bronzer in St Barths 

CT Rocker Chic Pallette  

CT Feline Flick 

CT Rock n coal in bedroom black 

MAC Mascara 

NYX Setting spray in matte 

NYX Nude beige lip liner  

Chanel Gloss Volume 

Blush- right now Joy Chantacaille 



Demi Whispies from Ardell just incase shit gets fancy 


My brushes that I keep on me are I believe from this past years MAC Holiday Collection Travel Brush Set.  Gets the job done, for most of the products I use my fingers anyway.


Yes, I use a lot of CT

Yes, I use A LOT of Chantacaille.

Yes, I have invested a lot in products by those brands for my clients.


Works for me works for them, everyone’s happy.

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