Oh, is That You? My Mistake.

I thought you were a pack mule.

And I’m over here like why do I have a bad back?

It’s obviously easier when I’m working at the studio or salon home base. But travel comes with the freelance life so packing up and moving around comes with the territory.

For me, 99.9% of the time I already know what look is being executed that day so I pack what I need -plus some extras just incase we change or add on to a look. I use THIS BAG from MAC and it is perfect for me. I like the strap, its comfy, I’m hands free to carry more shit, and I can pack it to the brim and still be organized because of all the different compartments.

Since I’m hands free, that leaves one for lighting and the other for the directors chair. If I was being super sassy I'd tell you one hand would be free to flip the bird and the other would be used to light a smoke. But no time for that we have things to discuss.

I fell in love with the GlamCore beauty light. I obvi. Use natural lighting when possible but again, freelance life- you really never know where you’re going to be as in no windows hello Harry Potter under the staircase room.

What I like about this light is that you are able to adjust the arms of the light wherever you need them, if you need to film, it can hold your phone, and has a remote to adjust how hard or soft you need the light.

I went with a director’s chair because they are high up and easy to clean.

My freelance people already know -nothing is worse than after finishing a wedding of 10 at someone’s kitchen table being permanently stuck at a 90 degree angle because the kitchen chair really should have been a bar stool.

When I’m done I can easily take off the material on the chair and throw it right in the wash if some fall out or a clients schmutz gets everywhere.

Along with these necessities, I also pack:

Straws- for everyone that dives into the pre wedding spread after I just put on lips (shout out to Leslie F. for teaching me this one)

A Box of tissues for the emotional

Benadryl because you never know if there’s a hidden walnut in the salad Aunt Susan brought for the spread.


And if anyone needs anything else I usually just whip it out of my emergency bag in my purse.

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