Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?

August 6, 2016





Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero?


I believe that everything in my bag could save a life. Just kidding. But seriously. Here’s a break down of what I got goin’ on in my purse AND my work tote because my purse is already packed like a stuffed sausage.


My wallet… duh.


A coin purse because I don’t like change in my wallet because I don’t want the dirty coinage ruining the lining (don’t I just sound like an asshole?)


Sunglasses in the protective case because at the slightest sight of scratches I freak


Body spray because hey ya never know


A dust bag in case it rains and I don’t want to ruin my bag (stop rolling your eyes at me)


A spare key –because without fail, during every mercury retrograde I end up locking myself out of the house


Reading Glasses because I cant see what’s in front of my face


A check book – because… Well, actually I don’t use them but it makes me feel like an adult


I have a Swarovski pen so when I think I have to write out a check from the checkbook I never use I look like I have my shit together


My Book as in THE BOOK as in where I write down plans, events, work schedule and everything else I deem as important.


A clear quartz angel stone - everyone needs one of those, right?


Obviously my phone - which holds about 200 pictures of my dog, pictures of strategically posed cocktails ready for IG, and everything written down in my book making the book useless.


I have a mesh zippy cosmetic bag along with my regular makeup cosmetic bag

Filled with essentials like emergency tampons, pads, tums, Advil, dental floss, tooth paste and mini toothbrush,


I also have emergency nail polish, hand sani, bobby pins, hair ties, clips, band-aids, and a flash light. 


My aunt bought me a key chain that looks like a cat but its actually this weapon that can gauge your eyes out…that’s thrown in there too.


There’s a bottle opener keychain, nail glue, and extra mascara just incase the first one in my cosmetic bag goes dry.


Oh… and hand cream.


Ok that’s it. I now have a mess of everything I’ve listed on my desk.


Time to clean.






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