Her Skin is Flaking Like My Ideal Christmas Morning

Her Skin is Flaking Like My Ideal Christmas Morning

I should probably preface with I am not an esthetician. As much as I do love popping a good zit, I’m not going to do that for you because zit popping is frowned upon.

HOWEVER, if you sit in my seat and your skin is dryer than the Mojave Desert, I will give your skin a nice drink, maybe a mask, maybe a good exfoliate. Almost like a customized cocktail of whatever I have to give your skin so I can get your blank canvas ready to be painted. (Did you like that?)

Use your hands, what do you feel? Dry, oily, combo skin, wrinkles, is your client super sensitive? When in doubt use your mouth and ask them.

Like in the foundation bit I wrote, make sure you have something for everyone, not only is it going to be better for your client, but it will be easier for you to make the face you and them have envisioned.

My first client ever E V E R (when I was 16) was a bridesmaid that was just flown in for her best friends wedding. She naturally had dryer skin and the plane ride did her in. PIECES OF SKIN WERE FLYING OFF OF HER FACE.

I wanted to excuse myself, put my brushes down, throw myself on the floor, and die. Luckily I threw everything I used on myself at the time into one of my two kits I used to bring with me, which THANK GOD were for for super dry skin. The end result was she looked absolutely beautiful and her skin felt so luxurious.

Knowing I never wanted that to happen again, I went out and just bought a few different products for skin prep Take care of your canvas, people! Their face is in your hands!

Am I brand loyal, yes, am I willing to try other brands absolutely. Right now, I really love using Chantacaille skin care, and Yonka products. For an exfoliant THE BEST is the enzyme peel from Amore Pacific. It does wonders for all skin types.

I have super sensitive dry skin. I started using the skin polishers because the exfoliator with the crunchy beads would leave me super red and irritated. The polisher leaves me with a permanent glowey face filter. And once I pair it with my moisturizer and some drops of rose oil I realized this was euphoric and I had to try these on my clients.

I absolutely love rose oil, I love what it does for the skin, I love what it did for me and I love what it has done for my clients skin. BUT if you do use any oil in your makeup application give it a few minutes to sit and absorb because the rose oil, it will “eat” at what you just applied. Another reason I like to do my eyes first, to give my skin a chance to absorb everything.

My fav rose oils are by Laura Mercier and Chantacaille. Side note – Chantacaille’s rose oil is so bleeping expensive. And I actually didn’t realize how much it was until I wanted to know how I blew 200 bucks on 2 items. I remember reading about how the oil is plucked only in May or something in someone’s garden in France.

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