Bush Face

I should probably start with addressing something very serious......

To the two readers that read this reading material (hi mom...jan-hellooo!):

Sorry I haven't been posting, the big M. Retrograde has been kicking my ass causing me to not do anything except huff positive energy candles and stick clear quartz crystals into my bra.

But enough of that.

You're here to read about a bush face - secretly hoping it’s inappropriate.

Remember when there was like two places you could buy falsies?


I do and tbh that’s only because I made Cher (my mom, she’s a local celebrity- too famous for formal titles) chauffer me around to CVS and The MAC Counter.

Let me repeat that. CVS and MAC. Now, everyone has a falsie line so they’re practically everywhere. Don’t believe me? Check your ceiling tiles.

I love a good lash line played up with some falsies; it may actually be one of my all-time favorite looks. I think they make the face pop, they make a picture worth the fridge space, and take a look to the next level.


*Sits with hands folded*

*Casually sips tea*

*Starts singing scales *

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s spotted a poor soul walking around with two giant weeping willows hanging from one’s face waiting patiently for Pocahontas to come ‘round the river bend in her little canoe.

I mean really.

Damn it.

God… WHY?

Here are some of my go to lashes, the list is short but I like what I like:

Ardell Demi Whispies

These are my all-time favorites. They are absolutely perfect. I wear these all of the time. I found so many of my brides and everyday glam girls like these. I will usually add individuals to them making them fluffier. They are very easy to customize and the right price.

Lilly Lashes

All of them are beautiful - every single pair. I’ve tried almost all of them, but there is nothing natural about them. Don’t get me wrong; you can totally wear a natural neutral eye with them giving you Kardashian/Jenner vibes - totally gorgeous. An eye I like to do often. They are your sexy, night out on the town lashes. A few (and by few I mean a hefty list) of my favorites are: Cannes, Doha, Miami (to die for!), Mykonos (uh just died again!), and Goddess.


You know them probably better than I do so here you have it:

Numbers in order- 21, 30, 31, 43 & 48.

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