Bitch Stole My Face Part Un

Episode II Attack of the Clones

All the same you look! *yoda ish voice*

well let’s just forget that ever happened…

When are we going to start admitting that the “fleeky” makeup trend is not a trend and has become total face stealing?

I’m all about using makeup as a confidence booster so much so I’ve built my entire brand around it.

Riding the fence a little bit…

I also believe regardless of what anyone says, myself included, if you like a certain way that you apply your makeup even if it is “fleekerific” than who gives a shit.

You’re happy -I’m happy.


In my perfect world of makeup application it includes staying current by following a trend and customizing it to make it your own. Making it one nice happy planet where people still held on to there own uniqueness! Hoorah! We are different!

Did I miss the:

Newspaper clip out

Chain email (maybe I should check spam?)

Phone call

Text lacking emoji use

Telepathic message

Fucking desk memo

Where people actually started altering there faces to look like each other?


“Oh but Mich, imitation is the best form of flattery.”

No sweet child.

Girlfriend with the crazy eyes over there is waiting for the most opportune moment to come over here and rip your face off with a rusty pocket knife so she can run around Downtown with her second hand Louboutins AND YOUR GOD DAMN FACE.

If I may…

Try and make it a clean cut so you get the lip injections attached to your mask.

They are expensive and it would be rude not to include them.


If you’re all about following makeup trends and are looking for something new to make your own, check out Bitch Stole My Face Part Deux for Fall2016 Makeup Trends!

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