*Looks behind shoulder*


Who me?

Oh.. Ok. I see the confusion here.

That’s just my face.

I didn’t wear makeup today. But thank you! I’m healthy, I promise!

No really, the blue undertones are just my veins I’m not dying or contagious.

Yes really, you can see my veins. It’s because I'm pasty... if you squint hard enough you can actually see my organs. Try it. I appreciate the concern… means a lot thank you for the confidence boost; you are just the absolute sweetest…Asshole. You’re an asshole.

Yes, it’s true! We exist! Makeup artists that don’t wear makeup!


I should have probably included sometimes. Sometimes* I won’t wear makeup on a workday.

And no it's not because I’m a lazy piece of shit, it’s because my face needs a break too.

I wear makeup (LOL no shit, Michelle.)

Sometimes it’s a lot and sometimes it’s just a little, but even with a good skin care regime I still feel that my skin needs a nice break from it all.

I finally was just able to get my facial that I had been rescheduling for the past 3 months. Naturally, I went into the appointment looking like one giant white head (no pun intended) and left absolutely fresh, radiant, and relaxed. The following day I was scheduled with clients and as I was rotting in bed I made the executive decision that I was just not going to wear makeup to my appointments. I just spent $250 dollars so this woman can rub wasabi tingle all over my face, I wasn’t going to ruin that!

I just applied some moisturizer and brushed my non-existent brows up with clear gel. The thought process went something like -maybe if just dress really nice, blow out my hair, and block my eyes with my glasses they won’t notice the no makeup thing?

Listen, I look clean, neat, and hydrated. You hired me because, well let’s face it, you probably had a consultation, or you’ve seen me somewhere in full face on some site, AND THEN you must have seen some type of snippet of my work. SO. You know me. You know what I’m about and you know what I can do.

(*side note* Don't go see your clients looking like a gross POS . YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS! ADVERTISE RIGHT! )

AND ACTUALLY I had received so many compliments on my skin.

So. If you are a makeup artist and you, like me, had felt obligated to wear makeup to your appointments, know that you can switch it up. You do not have to wear makeup if you don’t want to. What you decide to put or not put on your face is not a direct representation of you or your work. Just own it and go with it!

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