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Like I’ve said before makeup and hair even at its most intricate should be applied simple and effortlessly. More fun that way I think, less stressful.

After my skin prep, I like to do my eyes, not only because of fall out, but because I like to give my skin a chance to soak up whatever I just applied and not to be mixed with foundation and concealer.

I start with my eyebrows because mine are non-existent, my body hair isn’t blonde its white, blending right into my skin tone. I like my brows a little darker so I do get them tinted giving me Khaleesi Vibes against my hair color.

I’ll give them a natural shape starting with the oh so popular brow wiz , and tinted brow gel in espresso , sometimes I’ll go over with a cool toned brown taupe shadow depends on the day and what color I want to go with. I find powders and pencils to be more natural looking than pomades.

After the brows I’ll skip to eyes which for the past month consists of yes, here I go again, Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise.

Like the majority of product being manufactured today, the shadows are pigmented and long lasting with a beautiful sheen (great for brides, or selfie queens- they photograph really well!).

Although they look like they would feel thick like a gel pot liner they are EXTREMELY lightweight and mousse like.

They don’t move or slide so you could get away with using them as an eyeshadow primer.

I personally slap them on my eyelid with my finger and just blend up and out with a blending brush for a soft gradient making it look like there was more than one products used.

I like a more rounded smudge look kind of like Taylor Momson’s earlier grunge stage like when she was Little J not the full-blown rock star, ya know?

I am a makeup artist’s worst nightmare.

I tear.

My eyes just drip. It’s awful. I keep my eyes with a smokey London look so when they tear it adds some grunge. I had to work with what I have YA FEEL ME?

I’ll go in and highlight my brow bone with another cream shadow (Jean) by CT

Ill sweep the color under my water line too to add to the roundness.

If I use “Bette” sometimes I won't add mascara just because I feel like if I play up the bronze look I want it to look continuous and soft and not to be broken up by a black lash. Then I’ll jump to face because eyes are one two three done.

If I use “Marie Antoinette” I’ll curl them and apply tons of mascara so I get non-clumpy spider lashes, as I like to call them. I’ll also rim the water line with a nude pencil not white, I feel sometimes white is to sharp/stark looking and not as brightening as a nude flesh tone.

For the upper lash line I’ll use a black pencil. Maybe with a small wing just for some lift but usually just a smudged round look works for me.

Right now I’m using light wonder foundation put out by CT, clearly I’m on a kick. But I'm also im between NYX Flat not matte foundation.

I am using her concealer as well. Hehehe. Another fav. is YSLs Touche Éclat in vanilla.

I like Chantacaille’s bronzer in St. Barth’s so ill sweep that in the 3 shape on both sides of my face.

If I want a stronger contour I’ll go in with Kat Von Ds shade and light palette and shape my cheeks and cut down my 5 head.

Blush is whatever’s really on top of my makeup bag. Usually that’s Chantacaille’s Joy or an oldie but goodie Super Orgasm from Nars. If your cheeks tend to invade your eyes like mine, try applying your blush mid cheek and diffuse back making the apples not look so large.

Do I highlight yes, do I super strobe, not usually. I like Laura Geller highlighter in gilded honey or one of the colors in the ABH gleam palette; they’re just so pretty!


ALWAYS NYX nude beige liner.

I’m a gloss girl. Not over lipstick, just by itself

I like me a plumper, I love Buxom gloss in the shade Dolly.

The look is simple, classic with a dash of rock and roll. It's easy to transition from day to night without taking your whole face off.

What do you think?

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