Nothing says adulting like paying someone $50 plus bucks to rip pubes off your crotch.


Waxing vs. Shaving!

Rival teams! Excluding the laser gang, but who cares about them?

Now I ask ya, why shave when it’s known that, when done correctly, waxing is better?

Well, when I asked my board of trustees (Jan) why she was team shave

she gave the following statements:


Lol who has time for that?

I am poor.

Her argument was valid.


Waxing doesn’t hurt unless done by an imbecile.

You get out of work at 2’oclock on Fridays.

You make more money than moi.

But in all seriousness yes, both are risky-

waxing is violent but taking a razor to your hooha just sounds silly.


When you shave you’re more likely to

get razor burn and be left with lovely red bumps,

an annoying itch, and ingrowns.

Shaving is definitely more convenient and pocket friendly

but waxing is just so much better!

It’s faster!

Apply the wax, pull it off.

Waxing is long lasting.

The more you go the less it hurts and the less you have to go.

The hair is being pulled from the root vs. being chopped.

When the hair is pulled from the root it takes longer for hair to grow

back and the regrowth is much thinner.

Now…I am planning on filming for my blog.

I had every intention of strapping a go pro to a helmet and getting waxed

but then I realized I don’t want my first YouTube video to be of me like this:

SOOOOO the filming will be left for the New Year.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the type of wax being used isn’t the hot golden killer used for eyebrows. More spas are using soy-based and hypo-allergenic hard wax instead of wax made from chemical crap. These wax gifts from god don’t bond to your skin, just to the hair- making the overall experience virtually painless.

The hard wax solidifies and then can be peeled off by hand making the scary wax strips obsolete. However, my waxer still uses them and it still doesn’t hurt.

The first time I went my adrenaline was pumping, I was so anxious,

I knew I was going to kick her in the head.

I didn’t.

Thank God.

Regardless of whatever hair removal method you use,

it’s important to lather up with Neosporin…

just for the first day so your raw baldness doesn’t rub against anything.

You can exfoliate in between your wax appointments

or shaving days to prevent ingrown hairs.

Dead skin could build up causing new growth to become trapped.

Oh and no sun right after- k? You will burn.

Best of luck with your hairless endeavors.


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