Hello friends, mostly family, and stalkers! I know it has been about 7 months since we last gathered here but whatevs, can’t stress about it. I’m alive and so is my dog with the shit hips!

So what the fuck’s up with me? So glad you asked, I’ve been trying to cross some shit off of my bucket list and maximize my happiness every single day and it’s been fanfuckingtastic!

Pushing my artistry has been at the forefront of my 2017 goal list. I finally left the dentistry world, and in March joined the MAC Cosmetics Family and haven’t looked back!

The opportunities have been amazing and the people are incredible. Between Eyedolizeme & MAC I’m in makeup mode the majority of the time but it’s where I feel my best so the smiles I wear feel good...EXCEPT in pictures. I still don’t smile in them because my cheeks take over my eyes and since I don’t eat meat I refuse to look like a beefsteak. However, (here comes a shameless plug) if you’re looking to see my pearly whites feel free to check out the MAC Cosmetics IG for shots of my teethy smile as well as The MAC Cosmetic Canada page, other store locations, or John Demsey’s IG the Executive Group Prez of Estee’ Lauder.

The feeling of being recognized for your work by your peers is heart warming and has driven me to want to feel that happy high everyday, so I do, and this is how I do it.

I wake up early with shit hips Lola, and we like to start our day off with Disco or Andrea Boccelli. Yes, we hustle together, she poops, I poop, and then we have our breakfast. Usually it’s something green but then I realize that I hate kale shakes so for balance I shove a cookie down my throat. If you choose to be happy then the rest of the day is easy breezy.

If you ever need to know if you're on the right life path just look at your mother and if she cries every time you’re in her presence you're doing something really awesome or terribly wrong. I’d like to take Cher’s response positively, and any other doubts I just turn to tarot. If you don’t have a mom or hate your own, feel free to use Cher, she thinks of herself as mother to all anyway. No really, it’s part of the reason I’m single as a dollar bill, I’ll bring someone home and as we walk through the door she starts calling them “my son."

Yes, I do know what an irrelevant turn/fankick that story just took but I'm keeping it in because I own this site...

Like most creative, artsy fartsy beings I'm always looking for inspiration whether that be to fuel my life or my work. I research often, I ask questions, and I'm always open to tips, tricks, and knowledge. Most importantly would be FEEDBACK. There is always room for improvement and once we humble ourselves it's so much easier and faster to grow (growth is key). Bite the bullet, and listen. And, well, if all else fails, fake it till you make it. Some people have a problem with that, me ? No way, fine tune your energy ( here she goes *eye roll*) to what you think it is that you want to become and watch how you embody it.

I do makeup everyday. I surround myself with it. If I'm not applying it on myself or others, then I'm reading about it, looking at it, selling it, you get the gist. It's a healthy obsession and I can't get enough. I hope that you can find something that makes you so happy that you're able to do it everyday. If you aren't there yet, start moving and grooving and make some moves, even if it means leaving a job with a 401k plan, benefits, and free dental. ( my father was thrilled).

My advice? Quit your job, do something with your life that you love and even on a bad day, it’s still pretty good. I'm calling this the cold pizza approach, even when it's 2 days out of the box and cold it's still kinda delish. Or maybe thats gross? IDK but you get what I'm saying, right? DO YOU, rid yourself of THE FOMO, drink green shit, dance, smile.. or not, and do what you love so you can watch how easy everything comes to you. Dare I say it? Ask, Believe, Receive.

A Mercury Retrograde is upon us. So I probably won't be working on my 2018 goal list till' maybe September/October, I'm looking forward to focusing on perfecting current skills and I encourage you to do the same so once the shadow period is up we can start with some of those new good vibez! Oh and last but not least, Mercury Retrograde PSA- always remember, phone, keys, wallet, and check your tires. Oh AND no nudes, the likliness of you sending them to your great aunt are high.


*Disclaimer: If you quit your job and everything goes to shit, totes not my fault*

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